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Видео ендура и воскресное время 30 06 2013

We are the pet door experts here to help you with hands-on videos explaining how to install the Endura Flap doggie doors in different parts Important Notices. VIDEO QUALITY CAUTION. Frame Rate Notice Regarding User-Selected Options. Pelco systems are capable of providing high quality video. Pelco Endura high-performance network-based cctv video security systems can be installed and supported worldwide by Puls Global.

Exporting Video DataIt is possible to export live or recorded video data from the Endura system to a computer using the methods described in the Pelco. With the Endura IP Video Management system, robust scalability and reliability are now a reality. A complete solution for high capacity video capture. Apr 19, 2011 Position the mouse cursor at the desired Quick Search (colored) starting time, or over an enhanced search result. Click the Export button. Learn more about Endura, Pelco's IP video management system known for robust scalability and reliability across mission critical surveillance applications. The Pelco Global Training Institute brings cutting-edge instruction and training resources to video security professionals around the globe. Endura is a complete solution for high definition video encoding, recording, and display. Designed as an end-to-end system for the demands of professional.

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